Personal Health Coaching

 Implement simple lifestyle changes to make yourself bullet proof!


What is this? 

I am offering my experience in plant-based nutrition, exercise, personal health and teaching to help you achieve your personal health goals. Whether you want to lose weight, prevent or even reverse a chronic disease, escape a family history of poor health or just learn more about what it means to be healthy, we can meet those goals. Health coaching is exactly what it sounds like. Me and you and a path to better health.  

  • YOU!
  • Your Family!
  • Society! With better health, your contribution to society will also improve. 
  • Planet Earth!
  • Get Started Today! 

Who would benefit? 

Is this for me? 

Everyone can stand to get healthier, some more than others. This whole foods, plant-based lifestyle has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to prevent and reverse MANY chronic disease like Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease and even some cancers. Additionally, this lifestyle has also allowed people to lose weight, reduce inflammation and improve overall wellness. From chronic diseases to general wellness, there is no one this lifestyle will not help. 

What's included? What should I expect? 

My Goal: To Help you become healthier! Coaching with me is personalized and professional, tailored to each individual client's time, health needs and financial situation.. No matter the obstacle, we can find a way to connect and devote time to your personal health. My policy is to respond within 24 hours to a communication request. With my experience in teaching, medicine and growing businesses, communication is a priority. 

Step #1: Pick a Plan

  • Plan #1: The Apple

    • 1 simple communication (See Step 2) 

    • Whole foods 101 PDF cheat sheet

    • Price: $50, Half paid up front, the other half paid upon your satisfaction. 

    • Select this if you want a broad and encompassing overview of what it means to become healthier.

    • Let's cover the basics of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.

    • Are you someone who is highly motivated yet may need to be pointed in the right direction?

    • Are you someone who is cash-strapped but wanting or needing to become healthier?

    • ​**Complete the Apple plan, get a second session for 1/2 off. 



  • Plan #2: The Banana

    • 30 days of coaching

    • Unlimited communications (See Step 2)

    • Whole foods 101 PDF cheat sheet

    • Meal plans and grocery list

    • Price: $500 (Save $500 from Apple Plan) Half paid up front, the other half paid upon your satisfaction. 

    • Use this if you want a personal and experienced resource for a 1-month jump start to better health.

    • Are you someone who is unsure of nutrition but ambitious and excited to become healthier. 

    • Do you want to dive in head first and get a crash course in Plan-Based nutrition? 

    • ​**Complete the Banana plan, get a second month for 1/2 off. 

  • Plan #3: The Durian 

    • The King Fruit Plan! Best Value! 

    • 1 entire year of coaching 

    • Unlimited communications (See Step 2)

    • Whole foods 101 PDF cheat sheet

    • Meal plans and grocery list

    • Includes a one-on-one grocery shopping trip. Yep, I'll visit you and we'll go shopping!!  

    • Price: $3500 -May vary based on your location, Half paid up front, the other half paid upon your satisfaction. 

    • Are you someone who wants a resource every step of the way?

    • Are you someone who has a large family and/or financial and time flexibility? 

    • **Refer a Friend, and get $500 off. Offer is retro-active! ​

  • Plan #4: Custom Fruit Salad

    • 100% Custom Plan

    • Custom Communications (See step 2)

    • Custom Pricing Structure- Half paid up front, the other half paid upon your satisfaction. 

    • Don't like grapes in your fruit salad but love extra watermelon? No problem, make this plan exactly what you want.  

    • We can work together to tailor this plan to your specific needs.

    • Contact me to discuss what you're looking for. 

Step #2: Pick a Method of Communication

-A Communication is roughly 1 hour of time spent during one of the various communication methods. 

-How do you communicate? What works best for you? Choose one of the communication methods below. As always, flexibility and accomodation is key when helping people with individual needs. 

  • Phone

  • E-mail

  • Skype

  • Snail Mail 

  • In-Person Meeting

Did I miss one? Let me know! 


Get Healthier Now!

We all need someone to lean on sometimes. So if you're frustrated with confusing and contradictory information, onscure diets, pills, powders or plans, you can end your search right now. 


I've been living a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle since January 2011. I have the experience and have full confidence that this lifestyle WILL make you healthier. 


Eating whole plant foods coupled with reasonable lifestyle modifications and moderate exercise will allow your body to reset and run efficiently.


So whether you're suffering from a chronic disease or just need to lose a few pounds, this WILL work for you! Let's get started.