ICP 25: Brenda Davis-

Focus your energy on love, compassion and be an example of great health

Brenda Davis is one of the most knowledgable professionals about plant-based nutrition I’ve ever met. With over 8 books to her name and as you’ll hear, Dr. Michael Greger’s go to for plant-based nutritional expertise, I’m sure you’ll learn something from this conversation. 

Topics that we covered included:

  1. How Brenda and her family became vegan

  2. How to get a family to buy into changing the way that you eat. 

  3. The implications of her research in the Marshall Islands.

  4. A Detailed look into Type 2 Diabetes

  5. Brenda’s thoughts on a Paleo diet

  6. A recent trip with Dr. Michael Greger

  7. Calcium and Osteoporosis risks for those on a vegan diet.

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I hope you learn something from this conversation on Episode #25, with Brenda Davis.

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