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ICP 33: Ellen Jaffe Jones-

Overcoming family genetics from a young age

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In this episode, I’m speaking with Ellen Jaffe Jones- Runner, Author, former news reporter, formerly in the finance sector. After reading a couple of her books and hearing her story, her talents are certainly multifaceted which, in my opinion, is how she’s been so effective at getting her vegan, plant-based message across.

Very early in life, she witnessed the slow, traumatic degradation of the closest members of her family. Later in life, she would realize that what her family members suffered from was caused by diet and lifestyle. But, curiously, she vowed at a very young age that she was going to avoid those diseases that ravaged her family. Call it instinct or intuition; She was right. And despite a health scare in her middle 20’s that almost killed her, today she is as fit as a fiddle, continuing to run and place locally, regionally and nationally in running competitions. And she continues to be a passionate advocate for this lifestyle and only wants to help people realize their true health potential.


Ellen with her decades of experience offers unique perspectives and philosophies that I know will get the wheels turning and offer additional ammunition to listeners who want to learn more. 

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I hope you enjoy and learn something from our conversation, on Ep. 33 with Ellen Jaffe Jones.

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