ICP 34: Dr. Shivam Joshi-

Diabetes, Paleo Myths and & Kidney Health

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Hey everyone, my name is Ian Cramer and I make this podcast where I have conversations with just the experts, either the people who prescribe WFPB nutrition to their patients, or who do research in this field and who can, hopefully, help you become healthier and inspire you to implement beneficial, evidence-based lifestyle habits into your daily routine.  


In Ep. 34, I really enjoyed Dr. Shivam Joshi and I think he really enjoyed his time speaking with me. Dr. Joshi is a renal physician in his fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Very recently, Dr. Joshi popped up on my radar after an article he wrote for Forks Over Knives caught my eye. I read it, saw who wrote it and knew that I had to reach out to this guy. With articles about sugar, diabetes, wfpb  nutrition and the paleo diet, this guy was speaking my language.


So, spring-boarding off of what he wrote about and what he’s passionate about, we spoke at length about the Paleo Diet, Diabetes in Migrant populations and about his medical subspecialty of nephrology and how our kidney health can be directly affected by diet, lifestyle and the side effects of chronic diseases.


I can see Dr. Joshi becoming a fan favorite. He’s young, has a sense of humor, well spoken, down to earth and relatable. I hope you enjoy Ep. 34 with Dr. Shivam Joshi.


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