ICP 38: Dr. Caroline Trapp-

Treating a worldwide diabetes epidemic with plant-based nutrition

If you or someone you know has Type 2 diabetes, this is a great episode for you. Dr. Caroline Trapp is the director of diabetes education and care with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Dr. Trapp was in town and slated to speak to a group at Rochester Lifestyle Medicine as part of their Lifestyle as Medicine series of speakers and before her talk, we sat down for an interview.


We speak about the etiology of diabetes, what PCRM is doing to educate practitioners and lay people about the root causes of diabetes. We also speak about Dr. Trapp’s adventures around the globe educating health councils and health commissioners of entire countries on how they can help their people learn more about Type 2 Diabetes and how to reverse it.


In conjunction with Dr. Ted Barnett and Rochester Lifestyle Medicine, This interview was also recorded on video if you’re like to watch or listen to it that way. I will post that link in the show notes. And I also wrote a blog article about Dr. Trapps visit and her talk which I will also post in the show notes.


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FYI: There is bonus content available for this episode where Dr. Trapp and I discuss specific diabetes questions from patrons of the podcast. You can find this bonus content at Patreon.com/IanCramerPodcast


I hope this episode makes you healthier and gives you applicable, practical information on preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes. Please enjoy Episode #38 with Dr. Caroline Trapp.

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