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ICP 39: Dr. Colin Zhu-

The Chef Doc-Integrating passions for food, medicine and travel

In this episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Colin Zhu, known as The Chef Doc. Dr. Zhu is a family practice D.O who is a traveling doctor. A personal passion of his is he loves to travel and has a lot of unique stories and pearls that should get the wheels turning. He also has a passion for cooking, hence The Chef Doc, and is also skilled at connecting with people with his energetic and open personality. All of these skills and passions makes him a shining example of what a doctor should be and how a doctor should practice medicine and makes him a valuable asset to the lifestyle medicine movement.

Colin has worked in many settings, in many locations with an array of patients that has given him a perspective to more effectively connect with people in order to find what makes them tick. From listening to this interview for a second time in post-production, one of the things that struck me is Dr. Zhu is wise beyond his years, and I think a big reason why is his experiences. Dr. Zhu exemplifies the proverb “Walking 1000 miles is better than reading a 1000 books.

Dr. Zhu is also the author of Thrive Medicine: How to Cultivate your desires and elevate your life.

Check out his Website:

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