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ICP 45: Dr. James Loomis:

Realizing the practice of healthcare instead of sickcare.

Please welcome Dr. Jim Loomis, Medical director of the Barnard Medical center in Washington D.C.


Dr. Loomis has quite the life story: Like many quests on the podcast, he stumbled upon the power of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine by accident. Like me, he was influenced after watching the DVD Forks Over Knives. 


The Former team internist for the St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Cardinals, he saw first hand what ‘sports nutrition’ was like in pro locker rooms, and we discuss what can be done differently and the real differences between sports nutrition and regular nutrition.


Dr. Loomis is also one of the featured physicians in the film The Game Changers which highlights plant-based nutrition as it’s applied to the world of sports.


We end with discussions on the state of our healthcare system and his presentation “Beets and Cleats- Plant-based prescriptions from a pro team doctor."


Let’s say, uou want to be a better athlete, and you’ve heard of a PB diet and you’ve seen more and more high profile athletes eating this way, But, you’re unsure about all the hype, you don’t quite understand the science or the mechanisms for why it works, and you’re unsure about implementation of said lifestyle, I created an ebook that may help.


It covers 5 benefits of going plant-based as an athlete and why you will be a better athlete if you adopt a more plant-based lifestyle. How am I so sure? I’ve been plant-based for 8 years, trained and competed in road cycling and even rode my bike across the country, all powered by a plant-based diet. Plus, we have the science on our side….the science says that it works, it explains why it works and that it’s more beneficial to the human body than the standard protein-centric diets of athletes, we hear about and see today.


The eBook is free and you can download it HERE. I hope you find it useful and please, send me some feedback or questions you may have.


Wink-Wink- I’m also creating something very special…something’s that’s taken me the better part of a year to create and fine tune…that will be very useful to those athletes who want to go plant-based but are unsure of how to do it. Picture ‘A comprehensive multi-series course on how athletes can go plant-based’. Stay tuned. 


I hope you find this conversation enlightening, on Episode #45 with Dr. Jim Loomis.


Until next time, keep eating more plants, remain responsible ambassadors to this movement and stay healthy.

Free eBook on The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: CLICK HERE

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