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ICP 46: Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster:

A Pediatrician Promoting the Habits of Healthy Eating

Dr. Yami is a pediatrician practicing in Yakima, Washington. Speaking to her was refreshing and comforting because raising children, I can imagine, can be a scary thing. Parent’s don’t want to make mistakes, especially when it comes to something that is so modifiable as diet.

On the one hand, we want to do everything we can to get them started off right and make sure they grow up big and strong. But as we talk about, several extremely common health and dietary habits that parents engage in with their children and families convey the opposite. In some ways, we’re setting our kids up for failure, disease and a life of sickness later on.

Dr. Yami grew up consuming copious amounts of animal products because she thought that’s what everyone did and because her families’ roots were firmly entrenched in animal agriculture and producing these products. But, as an adult, she radically changed her views on meat, dairy and animal products in general based on a single book, and the rest is history, and the rest is told in our conversation. 

Special Editing Note: I’m sorry about the volume levels in this particular episode.

Dr. Yami's Pro Website: 

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I hope you enjoy this episode with the kind, caring and knowledgeable Dr. Yami Cazorla Lancaster. 


Until next time, keep eating more plants, remain responsible ambassadors to this movement and stay healthy.