ICP 49: Dr. Ashwani Garg-

Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders and mindfullness integration

Dr. Ashwani Garg is a physician in Chicago who, along with podcast guest Dr. Steve Lome, is trying to change the culture and the conversation among the general public and medical profession in his city.

Dr. Garg’s story starts with trying to apply for a life insurance policy. After the realization that he could have benefitted from getting healthier and a simultaneous and coincidental encounter with an impactful movie on health, he set out to change his own diet and lifestyle to positively affect his health.

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We spend our time discussing the evidence around eating plant-based, why that’s a better choice than some of the other dietary choices these days, we also spend time on cancer and autoimmune disorders that he sees in the clinic, their origin and their wholistic treatment as well as mindfulness and Buddhism and why and how he integrated that into his life and why he recommends it to others.

I realize many of you who are listening are all over the United States and all over the world, but I still want to let you know about a speaking engagement I will be attending at the end of September. I was invited to speak at Rochester Lifestyle Medicine on September 24, 2018- I’ll post the links in the show notes. But the cool thing is that this will be professionally recorded so I hope that I can post a professional version of my presentation for all to see. And the end goal is that this seed turns into a giant tree, that this lecture turns into many others in the future. And hopefully I can come visit you in your city or country.

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I hope you learn something and become a little bit healthier with this conversation with Dr. Ashwani Garg.