ICP 50: Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Living according to the principles of compassion through veganism

In this weeks episode, we look at lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition from a different lens. We’re looking at what impact our food and lifestyle choices have on the wellbeing of other animals and the world around us. I’ve known about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau for many years and really enjoy her work. She’s a writer, podcaster, author, activist, and creator of impactful content centered around living compassionately. This interview was very enlightening and made me pause and reflect as we were speaking and as I edited this.

Colleen's Website: http://www.colleenpatrickgoudreau.com/

Colleen is a thought leader in this topic, she’s reasonable and you can tell has thought about this subject extensively. We speak about everything from clean meat, to what it means to be a vegan and many philosophical aspects of veganism, compassion and how we can all live in harmony and help the most people, most effectively.

Although Colleen doesn’t define herself by the commonly accepted definition of veganism, she does make this subject very palatable using compassion and non judgement in her mission to spread this message to a wider audience.

I want to share some exciting news in the evolution and growth of this podcast and my work as a whole. In the past month, I applied to a few grants in the hopes that I could purchase new equipment to make new and different and impactful content for you and others wanting to learn more. And lo and behold, I was awarded one of these grants for a significant amount of money. I’m super excited about this…So, pretty soon, you will see or hear me put this new equipment to good use and start to see new content…In a nutshell, I will now be able to have 4-way conversations, professionally recorded and sounding and I will be able to capture these conversations on professional video. I am pumped. There’s more to add to this announcement, but I’ll wait until the end of this episode. I don’t want to hold you up any more than I have to…So without further delay, I hope you enjoy and learn something from this episode #50, and continue to consume content from the inspiring and thought-provoking Colleen-Patrick Goudreau.

I’d like to extend thank you to a couple new patrons in the last month or so, Julie Olsen and Beth Wonders. Beth is listening way down in Australia, and I’m very glad that she is learning more and spreading this message down there.

As I was saying at the beginning, this new equipment is very exciting and I hope that the new content that I will make will reach a larger audience. But you are also a huge part of that equation. No company or entity spreads a message or promotes a product by themselves. I can’t do this alone. Through word of mouth, sharing content or writing reviews of any content that resonates with you, you are perpetuating this message to those around you. And in whatever form, I appreciate it. So if you’ve been listening to this podcast for some time and find it valuable and want to help spread this message to a wider audience, you can help by supporting my work via Patreon. I don’t use this money to buy bike parts or blow it on a weekend trip to Vegas, it goes towards keeping the metaphorical podcast lights on and it also allows me to create and spread new content to a larger audience by allowing for creating flexibility and additional financial resources.

I will end with a very kind and inspirational quote that was meant for me, but that I wholeheartedly believe applies to you listening at home- this is for you: This person says: “I really love what you're doing to spread the word on plant-based nutrition in a scientific way. Your podcast is a wonderful resource that I've learned a great deal from so far! Keep doing what you're doing, and never underestimate the impact you're having". And to you at home, never underestimate the impact that YOU'RE having. 

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