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ICP 51: Dr. Koushik Reddy

I have a carrot and a stent, you pick.

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Dr. Koushik Reddy is a physician working for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Tampa, Florida. Although his story has its unique details, his overall journey to find lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition is like many others. He learned about how the human body works and trained in traditional western medicine techniques. He had an ‘Ah ha” moment and realized there must be another way to practice medicine. He stood on the shoulders of giants in the field and learned from the teachings of many physicians who were the early trailblazers. And now practices and teaches lifestyle medicine to everyone he encounters and is now truly helping people realize the healthy lives they were meant to live.

I will include, in the show notes, an article Dr. Reddy penned which outlines the way he used to practice medicine and how that all changed. It’s his whole story in 4 pages. The piece is entitled “I have a carrot and a stent, you pick”. This encompasses Dr. Reddy and his style of medicine so well because with what he knows now, he puts much of the responsibility of the patient’s health back in their hands and helps them realize that the power was always in their hands, and in some cases, gives them a second chance at life.

I can’t say it any better than he can, so lets get right into this weeks conversation, on Episode #51, with Dr. Koushik Reddy.

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