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ICP 57: Victoria Moran

A Vegan Trailblazer utilizing education and support

I’m pleased to introduce Author, Podcaster, speaker and seasoned vegan advocate Victoria Moran, in Episode 57. In our conversation we speak about:


  • Her early Days and how she was introduced to vegetarianism and veganism.

  • Evolution of Veganism from the 1960’s to now

  • Is Veganism for everyone?

  • Is Veganism Black and white? Or are there gradations to veganism?

  • Why do vegan’s get a bad rap?

  • The Mainstreet Vegan brand, book, podcast and course

  • Common Vegan/Plant-based myths- Expensive? Sympathy for dairy farmers.

  • What we’re doing right and wrong at this point in time.


Please find out more about Victoria by visiting her website:


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Please enjoy the final conversation of 2018, on Episode 57 with Victoria Moran.