ICP 60: Saul Bautista

The serendipity of fate to find Lifestyle Medicine

Hi, and welcome to my podcast where I engage doctors, scholars, PhD’s, registered dietitian and many other experts in their field on topics that gravitate around lifestyle medicine, the power we have to take control of our own health and how our diet and lifestyle factors affect the world around us. The goal is not to tell you the right or wrong thing to do, it’s to educate, to expand consciousness to open or illuminate doors you never knew were there to ultimately become a more knowledgeable and healthier person.


This connection with my guest Saul Bautista was made through a mutual friend who has now recommended several people for the podcast. It was fun speaking to Saul because he’s around my age, he wasn’t as intimidating as some of my other high-profile guests and we weren’t in a huge hurry to get done by a certain time. We had time to talk organically.


In trying to summarize this conversation and the course Saul’s life has taken, the word ‘fate’ comes to mind. Everything from his time in being with the Army, to his parent’s divorce to him getting injured to the signing of the GI Bill, all played a serendipitous role in who he is and where he is right now.


Noteworthy talking points include:

  • How his experience in the armed forces shaped who he is today and solidified his decision to go into medicine.

  • His interest in exercise and disease prevention.

  • The Relationship of doctors and lifestyle medicine and the reasons why we don’t see more doctors doing this now.

  • The relationship between medicine and medical students, creativity and aversion to risk has on the spread of this idea of lifestyle medicine.

  • We end with talking about his appearance in the much hyped Code Blue film that highlights the lack of nutrition and lifestyle medicine education in med. Schools. It’s the brainchild of podcast guest by Dr. Saray Stancic, who was featured on Ep. 32 of the podcast.


It’s Saul’s perspective as a med student and as someone who has a deep understanding of the power of lifestyle medicine that makes this talk unique. Please enjoy our conversation, on Episode #60, with Saul Bautista.