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ICP 61: Monologue #1

Who is Ian Cramer? The Podcast and Nutrition Advocacy.

This is the first monologue I have published. My hope is that this will give you a better idea of who I am, what makes me tick and why I am making this podcast.  

More specifically, I will cover:

  1. Who am I? Where do I live?

  2. What is the podcast all about?

  3. Why did you initially go Whole-Foods plant-based? Has your ‘why’ evolved?

  4. What other applicable outreach do you do? (Ex. ‘Ask the doc’, public speaking, ...)

  5. Why did I start the podcast?

    1. How do you prepare for a podcast?

    2. What is your thought process when choosing a guest for interview?

    3. How would you describe the style of your podcast?

  6. Why did I choose this particular focus?

  7. How can this podcast be useful to those just learning about plant based nutrition as well as those who have already begun their journeys down this path?

  8. What are is my goal? What are my dreams?

  9. What do I want people to take away from the podcast episodes?

  10. What are your hopes for the growth of the podcast, and how can listeners help?

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