ICP 66: Dr. Jake Mey, PhD, RD

The role of Ketones, Carbohydrates and Pop-Tarts in the western diet

Special thank you to Liane Abe and Valarie Hummel, they are the newest Patrons of the podcast! 

In this weeks conversation, I sat down with Registered Dietician, PhD researcher and Twitter “Equal Opportunity Nutrition Critic” Jake Mey. 


I wanted to speak to Jake because he seemed to have unique philosophies on areas that are particularly hot right now. He conducts research on skeletal muscle metabolism, ketones and carbohydrates. 


He is not wedded to one particular dietary strategy vs. another which provided a nuanced and educational back and forth on various nutrition topics.


We speak about the concept of moderation in a world that is becoming more and more unhealthy and answer the perennial question “Can I eat Pop-Tarts and still be healthy?”


We also speak about ketones, ketosis and the pros and cons for lay people and athletes. And we end with Jake’s perspective on the nutrition conversations that are happening right now on social media and if he thinks these are productive, wastes of time or somewhere in between.


If you are active on Twitter, I would recommend following him @CakeNutrition, and yes, we speak about the origins of that handle, too.


I know you’ll enjoy this conversation with the knowledgeable and jovial Dr. Jake Mey.