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ICP 78: Dr. Dean Ornish, MD

 Empowering people to use lifestyle to undo chronic diseases.

I said this for the last episode with Dr. Barnard, but this guest is also one of the top 10 most influential lifestyle medicine physicians in the plant-based movement, but this time in the past 40 years! Please welcome, Dr. Dean Ornish, MD. 


Topics Covered:

  • Dr. Ornish's career and how his findings can be applied to people's lives

  • The recent movie The Game Changers and how profound that movie was. 

  • His newest book, "Undo It-How simple lifestyle changes can Reverse most chronic diseases"

  • Stress management and Loving more and how these mental health can affect physical health

  • How diets are individualistic and specifically Plant-based and Keto diets

  • We end with a discussion about science and changing views and philosophies based on evidence

Learn more about Dr. Ornish's books HERE:

Follow Dr. Ornish on Twitter: @DeanOrnishMD