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ICP 85: Eric Adams

A health scare and its transformative role on personal and public health.

Hello 2020, and Welcome Everyone. This is the voice of Ian Cramer and this is the start of the 4th year of my podcast, where I seek to interview doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. The professionals that fill this podcast are treating patients in the field, reversing chronic diseases, prescribing diet and lifestyle changes in order for their patients to regain their health, without the emphasis on pills and procedures. I do this because I enjoy learning and I’m sure listeners can learn something from the experiences of my guests.


I’d first like to extend a special Thank You to Jeff Johnson and an Anonymous Patron as the newest Patrons of the Podcast. This anonymous Patron wrote to me and said “I share your curiosity and open-mindedness…Please continue to interview people who do not entirely share your own line of thinking. This has been hugely helpful to me, and I suspect many others as well…In 2020 I'm hoping the nutrition community can focus more on areas of agreement, as well as exploring the unknowns in areas of disagreement”. Me Too, Well said.


I would also like to Thank Stacy Banks, who has helped me over the past year with my social media. She has assisted me with scheduling posts and streamlining my social media to free up some time, and for her hard work I’d like to thank her publicly. Thank you again, Stacy.


In Episode 85, I’m speaking with Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams. I learned about Eric through an article highlighting his story, his health scare and his determination to do everything he could to reverse the damage that had been done and regain his health without prescriptions. I was also encouraged to interview Eric from a Patron who lives in Brooklyn, thank you Natasha for the gentle nudges to reach out to Eric and get him on the podcast.


In our conversation, we speak about his S&S he experienced as he learned of several chronic ailments. Including his Type 2 diabetes, and the significance of an A1C of 17. 


As someone who favors prevention over treatment, I ask Eric to reflect on his journey and think about if anything could have changed his diet and lifestyle years before he was actually forced to take action.


As the President of the Borough of Brooklyn, we talk about changes taking place in his jurisdictions to help people lead healthier lives. At the time of this interview which was Late 2019, there was recently a ban on Chocolate Milk in all NYC Schools, and we talk about the process of making legislation that affects food, and people’s health and wellbeing. 


And Lastly, we speak about how other civic leaders and change makers can make a difference in their areas and how you can help others lead healthier lives from a policy perspective.


Without further delay, I hope you enjoy our conversation on Episode 85 with Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams.


The Beauty of this age we’re living in now, is we can all be change makers. You’re all leaders, and role models…even if you’re not in an elected position, you can all help people around you. I am inspired by Eric to do more in my area to change the food environments, policies and laws to help people get healthier.


Start small, you don’t have to shoot for the moon. Start with your friends, have a pot-luck, have an informational session about living a healthier diet and lifestyle at your house. Severa years back when I was presenting at local libraries about the power of diet and lifestyle on health and disease, some people reached out to me saying that they started to present at local libraries after they saw me do it. That made me feel good. Don’t think that you’re too small, or don’t know enough people to make change. Change starts one person at a time. No matter what topic it is, I encourage you to do what you’re passionate about and keep it fun, keep it responsible and respectful. People are listening and willing to follow people who lead by example.


It is going to be a busy month of January, at last count I have 8 interviews booked that I’m really excited about. I say over and over to myself, to keep this fun. Speak to people who interest me, about topics that I want to learn more about. And by extension, I hope you want to know more about too. I’ve hashed out my 2020 plan and guest list, and it’s going to be a better year than last.


Have a great day, have a great week and a great year. You’re special, people love you and respect you. Keep making the world a better place. Stay healthy, we’ll see you back here in 2 weeks with a discussion with a dual credentialed PhD, Registered Dietician, as we go deep on TMAO and Choline and the role they play on our health.

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