ICP 11: Dr. T. Colin Campbell-

Protein, Cancer and Re-evaluating personal beliefs

It gives me great pleasure to bring you an interview with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, Dr. Campbell held the highest position within the Department of Nutrition Studies. He also taught and conducted research at Virginia Tech as well as MIT. With a background in toxicology, biochemistry and nutrition, he has conducted many studies on the interaction of various nutrients in the body, namely protein, and how those nutrients contribute to health or play a role in diseases.

His crowning achievement, The China Study, was hailed by the New York Times as the “most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease” . We mention many times in this interview that he has no conflicts of interest and that his research has not been Influenced by any industry. Dr. Campbell followed where the research led him and never stopped asking questions. He also followed his heart, conducting his studies free of bias, in an effort to do the greatest amount of good for the public.

I’ve known of Dr. Campbell’s story ever since I watched Forks Over Knives in 2011 and what strikes me, as a rarity in this world, is the fact that he could change his position on topics 180 degrees based on evidence. In today's podcast we speak about the evolution of his studies. As a young researcher, he had preconceived notions and hypotheses that protein was the most important nutrient and that the more people ate from animal sources, the better. But as time went on...as he made more critical observations...as he read literature and conducted his own peer-reviewed experiments, he was forced to re-evaluate his own personal beliefs. He grew up on a dairy farm and once touted dairy as nature's perfect food, yet now he can’t emphasize enough how people should re-think that familiar idea. It’s that ability to re-evaluate his beliefs, admit he was wrong, and change his position when better evidence presented itself that makes me admire Dr. Campbell and respect the arc of his comprehensive studies. I am confident you will too.

I hope you enjoy this interview and look forward to many more with highly respected MD’s and PhD’s within this movement. Thank you for listening to Episode 11 with Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

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