ICP 14: Dr. John McDougall

It's the Food!

Dr. John McDougall is a pioneer in the lifestyle and preventative medicine movement having successfully treated his patients this way for nearly 50 years. If you like hearing someone in a position of authority who doesn’t mince words, this is the interview for you. Dr. McDougall made me laugh many times during our talk because he was so candid and truthful and spoke with such passion. In the realm of health and nutrition, if you’ve ever had questions about protein, carbs, fats, paleo, low carb, high carb or potatoes, Dr. McDougall presents what he has learned and experienced on these topics including what the body of evidence says.

But Dr. McDougall wasn’t always this outspoken and confident about what he did. Very early in his career, he couldn’t get his patients with chronic diseases to get well, and thought he was a bad doctor. He did everything he was taught in medical school and nothing was working. It took another 3 years of education in internal medicine and a realization of what the root causes of these chronic diseases were to finally make his patients better and pave the way for the rest of his long and successful career.

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As a heads up, at a few points in this interview, the sound quality is a bit poor and I apologize about that. I hope it’s possible to, one day, interview every doctor and scholar in person to make the content more personal and the audio quality crystal clear for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy and learn something from this podcast, Episode #14 with Dr. John McDougall.

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