ICP 15: Dr. Terry Mason

What we have is different manifestations of one diesease.

The artist of the intro song is Birocratic who is also responsible for the last intro song I've played in the previous 15 episodes. His music can be found at http://birocratic.bandcamp.com.

Every other Saturday, pressing the publish button makes me feel especially good, and today is no different. I am honored to bring you my conversation with a Forks Over Knives featured physician, Urologist, Dr. Terry Mason.

At this point, you may be asking yourself “What does a Urologist have to do with Lifestyle medicine, or making me healthier”? Good question. Dr. Mason understands the relationships of functions and diseases in the human body. He says, “What I’ve come to believe is that we don’t have a bunch of different diseases. We have different manifestations of one disease.”

As a former practicing Urologist, Dr. Mason is a global authority on erectile dysfunction research, but he’s also a champion of educating about diet and emphasizing the power of diet and lifestyle choices on the progression and manifestation of chronic disease. YES! erectile dysfunction is a manifestation of a chronic disease. Please stay tuned. Man or woman, young or old, I PROMISE, you will learn something from this episode and come away with at least one more tool to add to your ‘health’ tool box.

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Thank you so much for listening and sharing the podcast. I hope you enjoy the conversation in Episode #16, with Dr. Terry Mason.

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Intro Music Credit: "Easy Living" by Birocratic http://birocratic.bandcamp.com