ICP 23: Nelson Campbell

Acting with integrity, compassion and sharing the truth

As passionate as his brother Thomas Campbell, MD and his Father T. Colin Campbell, PhD., Nelson Campbell has carved out a specialty within Plant-based nutrition through educating individuals at the grassroots level. In the Movie PlantPure Nation, he chronicles his attempt in trying to pass legislation in the state of Kentucky to help people become healthier. He and his wife Kim are also known to implement short plant-based interventions within communities or companies to show people the power of plant-based nutrition.


Nelson presents a diplomatic and mature attitude with his work and a focus on the long-term picture. Like health, he realizes this societal and political struggle with policies affecting our health will take time to change. And I’m thankful that he is in it for the long haul.


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I hope you enjoy our conversation, on Episode 23 with Nelson Campbell.


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More information on Nelson Campebll and his work: https://www.plantpurenation.com/

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