My Story

Born in Upstate, NY, I grew up healthy and happy.

We ate fresh produce from our garden and local farms all year.

Our diets weren't the best, and they weren't the worst.

There were improvements to be made, for sure. 

Totaling 9 varsity letters, I played soccer, basketball and baseball from middle school through high school for the Red Creek Rams. We even won the 2005 State Championship in soccer.

That's me, to the far left. Go Rams! 

Upon graduating high school, I attended Alfred University earning a bachelors in Athletic Training. My focus at this point was school and little else.As with many college students, I put on a little weight. I was still trying to be as active as I could joining the ultimate frisbee team, starting a cycling club and even a bike-share program.

While in high school, my interest in nutrition and cycling came about at the same time. I loved reading Bicycling Magazine about how to become a faster cyclist with both physical training and proper nutrition. 

Graduate school soon followed. Miami University was where I earned a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Health. This was a pivotal chapter in my life that shaped my nutritional philosophies today. 

I received the movie Forks over Knives as a Christmas present. I was awe-struck with the content and message of the movie and am still amazed at how much one single piece of media could change my life so drastically. It was also at this point in graduate school that I began racing my bike competitively. That was December 2011 and I've never looked back. 

Since then, I've immersed myself in this lifestyle. I'm learning and becoming healthier every day. Since graduate school, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, back to Western, NY and now to Rochester, NY, but my whole foods, plant-based lifestyle has always remained steadfast because it works! 

In 2017, I began speaking publicly to local libraries, high schools and groups of people interested in learning how to get healthier. It was also at about this time when I started my podcast that seeks to interview doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition.


It was also at this time when I started to live by the sentiment 'I want to change the world'. 

I launched this website to help people with their health journey. I hope my story, knowledge and free content inspires others to live healthier lives. I've always found deep satisfaction in helping others and if you're ready to become healthier, check out my other resources like my Podcast, My Blogs Articles or my Social Media Pages

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Professional Bio

Ian Cramer is passionate about spreading the message that diet and lifestyle dramatically affect individual health as well as the health of the planet. He motivates others and is motivated himself, by the simple yet challenging concept that maintaining good health and peak performance involve making good choices. Likewise, chronic disease may be reversed or prevented when these good choices, that are easily and economically available, become the norm everyday.


Ian is an allied health care professional with degrees in Kinesiology and athletic training. Beyond his day job, he's a public lecturer and produces an interview-based podcast. Driven by knowledge, evidence and civil discourse, he created The Ian Cramer Podcast. With a mission to interview doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition, Ian's unwavering focus in his podcast is to learn more, disseminate this information to a larger audience, educate lay-people and the medical community and change the world by leading in positive and responsible ways.  


In June 2015, he and a group of three friends from Ohio rode their bikes across the country in what's known as The Race Across America. Supported by a full crew, Team Oxford Autoimmune completed the 3200-mile journey in 7 days 16 hours and 27 minutes. For Ian, the estimated 6000 miles of training and racing for the event were all done on a plant-based diet. He continues to race and ride recreationally in Rochester, New York.

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