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Support the work of small creators

The world is changing. The way we collect and consume information will never be like it once was. Newspapers are struggling to stay afloat, magazines have had to rethink their business model, and outlets like blogs, YouTube and Podcasts are plentiful. This is great for the end consumer. Information is everywhere and it's mostly free. But this is potentially bad news for the creators of the world.

Any way you cut the cake, this unique content take time. The content takes experience and time and in some instances it takes money. Costs could include hosting fees, subscriptions and equipment. As new forms of content are coming into their own, new revenue streams are also evolving. The typical 'advertising' streams of income for small creators are often out of reach because of small audience sizes. Advertisers want the largest audiences, and with more content creators, audiences are inevitably smaller. With some, there is also an uneasy feeling of hawking products on a podcast that doesn't feel genuine. Personally, I do not want to advertise products from outside companies on my podcast because I don't like selling things and it gives podcasts a slimy, fake feeling in my opinion. It's not me. I don't want to subject my audience to that, nor do I want to waste their time with a sales pitch.

In the end, creators do what they do because the love it. There is strength in numbers, and small individual acts of generosity multiplied by an entire audience can be monumental in the success of someone's work and passion. It can mean the difference between being in the red with costs associated with creating content and making a passionate hobby a part time job. Full disclosure, if you're reading this from outside my 'network' and have never heard of me, I host a podcast and have many patrons that support my work. I would love to make this passionate side-hustle a part time job, and this article is an attempt to share the perspective of a passionate content creator looking to make a difference. I hope you'll consider making a difference for other creators out there.

Next time you consume content from a small creator, ask yourself 'Do you find value in their work' and 'Is there a way to support that creator'?

A cynics may say "Do you support anyone, Ian?". As a matter of fact, I financially support the podcasts of Rich Roll and Howard Jacobson, as well as the blogs of Kevin Bass and a service called Podcast Notes. I do put my money where my mouth is because I value the work and time that goes into their work. In this new age of content, I encourage you to put your money where your attention is and join others who support small content creators.

If you've been listening long enough to find value in these conversations and/or look forward to the next episode coming out, consider supporting my work. You can do this through supporting the podcast financially through its Patreon Page, at Patreon.com/IanCramerPodcast. Or you can also write a review on iTunes or share it on social media, take a screenshot and use the hashtag #IanCramerPodcast. I appreciate you listening, appreciate your support and hope these conversations have made you healthier. 



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