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A podcast that may save your life: The Ian Cramer Podcast

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

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When it comes to health and nutrition, there is so much information out there. It would be one thing if all of it were pointing in the same direction and all of the experts were saying the same thing. But that would be too simple! View points on nutrition could not be more diametrically opposed. High Carb! Low Carb! Eat Potatoes! Stay Away from potatoes! Cholesterol, Yay! Cholesterol, Nay! This is especially concerning when chronic diseases that are caused by diet and lifestyle habits are on the rise. Is your diet and lifestyle harming your body and increasing the likelihood of chronic diseases? Or are the foods you put into your body prevention disease?

More and more people are using the 'so much conflicting information' as an excuse to resort back to their old ways of eating. It's as if they're throwing their arms up saying "Well, I don't know what to believe, so I'm not going to do anything". We need a resource to turn to that is full of evidence-based information on health and nutrition pulling together experts who have been in the health and nutrition field for their entire professional lives. If there was only another way...if there was only a one-stop-shop with experts who successfully prescribe diet and lifestyle advice to their patients.

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Well, there is! The mission of the Ian Cramer Podcast is to interview medical doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine to give YOU the most evidence-based information possible to make the best diet and lifestyle decisions for you and your family. Covering topics from specific foods to eat or to avoid, to environmental impacts of our food choices, to specific diseases caused or reversed by lifestyle, to conflicts of interest and bias within research and government. Topics and questions are broad and the speakers are experts, mainly MD’s, PhD’s and RD's, who devote their lives to this topic. I speak to and interview these doctors and scholars so you don't have to. I am happy to do the work so you can be exposed to information that could save your life. I know you will learn something from these podcasts and find value in them.

"What if listening to a 1-hour podcast, every other week, could motivate you to get healthier? Or give you the inspiration to approach your doctor with a plan to reverse your chronic disease or ditch some or all of your prescription medications?"

People are stubborn, and it takes slow drips of information over months or years to change behaviors. So start listening now, catch up on past episodes and expect new episodes every other Saturday. Already featured have been cardiologists, primary care physicians, interventional radiologists and PhD's. 'Information density' is the way one of my guests described the Podcast; A gathering of the smartest people, in one spot.

The answer to health doesn't lie in a pill, or powder or supplement and at this point ignorance isn't going to work nor is it a valid excuse. What if the answer is educating yourself on how to properly treat your body and learning lifelong habits to implement every day?

Go to Plant-BasedCyclist.com/podcast for all of the episodes, or subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.


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