Spreading the message of health to your group! 

Public Speaking

Is this for you?  

Whether you're part of a church group, quilting guild or motorcycle club, I can present to your organization's needs. I have experience in speaking to the masses as well as to small circles of listeners. My presentations are a great way to build unity and integrity within your group; they offer a fantastic value and still offer many of the personal qualities of one-on-one coaching. Break down the barriers of a life of poor health and take a giant leap for your organization. Having a public speaker come speak to your group is incredibly selfless and shows not only that you appreciate their membership but also that you care for their health and wellbeing.

Who would benefit? 

Current Presentations

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Athletics and Sports Teams
  • Coorporate Wellness
  • Clubs and Groups
  • Federations and Societies
  • Leagues and Legions
  • Libraries
  • Anyone who wants to get healthier. 
  • Overfed and Undernourished-The Relationship between Food, Disease and Health
  • Health and the Holidays

What's included? What should you expect? 

Casually Professional with an individual feel. That's how I would describe the style of my speaking. Imagine sitting down with your favorite Uncle who is giving you advice on something he has devoted his life to. How would you describe that encounter? Friendly, personal, compassionate, thoughtful, truthful? That's exactly what you can expect from a public speaking engagement. My preference is to engage with my audience and speak to you, not at you. I also have the ability to tailor a particular speaking engagement to a particular audience, so please make me aware of your desires. Speeches usually last 45minutes to 1 hour followed by an in depth Q&A.  

What makes my presentations different? 

I will answer EVERY QUESTION

When your organization hires a speaker, you want to get the most bang for your buck. You expect there to be time to ask your questions and the questions of your group members. That's why I pledge to answer every question, even if it takes me an extra 2 hours after my presentation is done. My favorite part of being a University Instructor and helping people is answering personal questions that are legitimate concerns to individuals and their families. 


 I will go the EXTRA MILE

Would you like me to speak to multiple groups on multiple days at multiple locations? No problem. I will do my best to accommodate the requests of individuals and groups because you are worth it and helping people is my life's purpose. 


I march to the beat of my own drum and because of that, I have cultivated unique combinations of perspectives and experiences that will only benefit you and make your experience more worthwhile. 

  • Competitive cyclist and endurance athlete

  • Whole foods, Plant-Based Lifestyle since January 2011

  • 6 years of Higher Education Bachelor's and Master's Degree

  • eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

  • University Educator and Preceptor 

  • Background in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine 

It's Easy. Just contact me and express interest in public speaking and we will make it happen. Please incude your location, the number of people you hope will participate and if there will be any projection equipment or technology provided. 

How do you get the ball rolling? 

"I will answer every question because your health is worth it."